Papa John’s – Usability Study

During my first usability course at Kent State, this faux project provided a chance to show my ability at recruitment, moderating, and analyzing a research session.

The Problem

You just started working as the UX researcher for a medium sized pizza company in the corporate office and you are part of the web team that is in charge of designing and rolling out the best online pizza ordering experience in the world. The stakeholders on this project are the CEO and the CTO and they need this project to go live in time for the upcoming Super Bowl. It’s already November and you are well aware of how many moving parts go into a large corporate web site of any kind, especially one with many interactions, credit card processing and ties to local pizza franchises. The task is daunting and one of the main reasons you were hired was to conduct user research on customers of the site. It is probably too late to test competitors because your site is already in development. You quickly learn that the site is past wireframe stage, past prototyping and is now in early development with HTML, CSS, Javascript and is tied into the corporate test servers. In other words it is past the point of no return but can still be radically changed if usability reveals major issues.


Many of the tasks were pre-written for this exercise, but nevertheless I followed the following steps to complete this project:

  • Create a screener to get moderate users of online food ordering systems.
  • Develop a script that introduces the research activity, asks interview style questions, and poses pre-determined tasks.
  • Analyze multiple participants to identify key usability issues, and offer recommendations for next steps.

Results – Final Report


Final Report PDF

Lessons Learned