Reflection #1 – “Why are we testing with only 5 users?”

This week, the first module of Usability I focused on what usability is at it’s core. This included sussing out what makes it different from other types of research, and why research of this type can be done quickly and with fewer people. As soon as I logged in to Blackboard to start working on the assignment of writing a business proposal justifying the number of usability participants, I saw my favorite graph and had to laugh.

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Clearing my throat…

::slides into the site::

Ahem. Hello there. It’s uh… been a while. But hey, new year. So maybe it’s time to take this a bit more seriously eh? I mean, I’ve always been tweeting at @mdigirolUX but this hub of all things me and UX has gone severely under-utilized. But now, thanks to a little prompting from my graduate program (read: it’s a required part of a class I am taking), I will be blogging a lot more. The blog will mostly be focused on what I’ve been working on for the class, but I will certainly try to pepper in my own experience, thoughts, and opinions into the discussion. All of those posts will be categorized appropriately and tagged with #Kent.

Enjoy the journey with me?